I’m a mom of three boys that loves the Lord and loves “Preserving the Good Life”.  My husband and I enjoy the simpler things in life.  We own our own business, work together 6 days a week and homeschool our children.  I grew up on a farm where my family truly lived off the land and canned/preserved everything.  Many times we’d sit down at the dinner table and everything on the table came from the farm with the exception of the salt and pepper.  To this day, my father still raises a huge garden on the family farm and even plows it with his horse!  I’m a firm believer in knowing what my family eats, so my husband and I try to can/preserve everything.  You name it – we’ll can it, from jams to meatloaf (yes – meatloaf!).  We’re not experts, by no means, but we do like to try new recipes and put away a number of different things every year.  We have had several to ask us to share our thoughts, ideas and recipes and even teach a class or two on canning…..so here goes…..

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