Recipe Disclaimer

Some of these statements have been said before and are posted on most recipes but it is worth repeating and having it’s own page.

Preserving the Good Life was started as a site to share family recipes and canning instructions with family and friends.  I have three sisters and it never fails one of them will ask me ~ how do you can….your Spaghetti Sauce or make Grandma’s Pumpkin Pie. Rather than go dig for a recipe it was much easier to say – go to Preserving the Good Life and search spaghetti sauce, or pumpkin pie or whatever the recipe may be that we were looking for at that time.  This is somewhat of a way for us to open our family cookbook and share a little bit of our passion with others.

We can and we can ALOT.  An average of 1,000 + jars a year for our family of four.   (And yes – we believe in canning like our ancestors, our Grandmas and our Mamas.)  But we’re also open minded and can new, different and unique things: canned pound cake?  Yes, that’s on our list…We believe in living off the land, knowing what we are eating and eating as little processed foods as possible.  We believe in eating what God gave us rather than manufactured, man made ingredients.  Sure it may be easier to pick up a $1 box of instant oatmeal at the store instead of canning oatmeal at home….but I know what’s in mine and can pronounce my ingredients.

What started as a hobby has somewhat exploded and we are excited to share our recipes with a much larger group of people. With the growth, comes the legal warnings and precautions.

***All of our recipes are not “USDA APPROVED”, some are, some are not.***  We highly recommend that you follow the USDA guidelines when canning.  Our recipes are all “tried and true”….some are recipes my family has passed down for generations, some are recipes we’ve whipped up and discovered that we absolutely love and don’t want to lose for future reference.  Some of the recipes that we use are straight from the Ball Canning Book and some are passed along by our dear friends.  With all of that being said – can and cook at your own risk.  If you feel that a recipe is “unsafe”, simply overlook it and move on.  None of us are, “Canning Police” and we all should respect others.  Safe in your kitchen and safe in my kitchen – two different things….I won’t criticize your recipes please don’t criticize mine :).

We make these recipes at our own risk, we assume that should you desire to follow the recipes in this blog, you are doing so “at your own risk”. We are not liable, not responsible and do not assume obligation for…..

  • Adverse reactions to food consumed such as food poisoning and any kind of food-borne disease
  • Misinterpreted recipe
  • Domestic accidents, including but not limited to cuts, bodily injuries, fires, and messy kitchens.

It is the reader’s responsibility to determine the value and quality of any recipe or instructions provided for food preparation and to determine the nutritional value, if any, and safety of the preparation instructions.  The recipes presented are intended for entertainment and/or informational purposes and for use by persons having appropriate technical skill, at their own discretion and risk.

Kitchens are different, people are different, my “spoonful” may not be your “spoonful”. My oven may not cook the same are your oven.  Our cooking abilities may be different. Before trying a new recipe, read the recipe and make sure you’re not allergic to any of the ingredients. Use the right amounts and tools. What you decide to do with the recipes in this blog is your responsibility.

If you decide to try the recipes yourself, you will do so at your own risk. Have fun and enjoy!


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