How my life changed on January 5, 2016

My life changed forever on my 39th birthday, (January 5th, 2016).  I made a commitment to God, myself and my family that I was going to eat better, eat more of what God gave me and less processed foods.  The 2015 year was both eye opening and exciting for me and my family.  Things happened that forced me in front of a camera, something that I had dodged for many years.  One sister came home after 14 yrs and another sister got married.  When four sisters get together for the 1st time in 14 yrs you can bet there are cameras close by!  Both were very happy times for our family, the sad part was I didn’t recognize myself in the pictures!  What happened to the girl that I used to be?  Where did I go???  Fast and convenient had became my way of life.  I stayed on the go and my eating habits reflected my “grab-n-go” lifestyle.  It took the shock of seeing myself in those pictures to realize I had to make a change.  So, Jan 5th I joined the local gym and a new program called the Ultimate Weight Loss Challenge.  At first I felt like I had joined some sort of Food Anonymous program.  Those trainers wanted to know everything I put in my mouth each and every day!  I felt like I was going to confession every week, until I discovered I wasn’t the only one.  We discussed things that worked, things that didn’t.  We discovered that good nutrition is the key to weight loss.  It all boils down to – eat what God gave us:  fruit, vegetables, chicken, seafood, lean meats and limited dairy.  There’s no magic or gimmicks behind it, just lots of planning and prepping!  I log everything that I consume on and my goal is to maintain roughly 1,200 calories per day.  I plan/prep my meals for the upcoming week on Sunday afternoons and I set small goals.  Do I workout?  Yes, but not everyday. My changes are working and I remind myself daily – Slow and Steady Wins the Race!  I average losing 2 lbs per week and I’m closer to my goal than I was 4 months ago, last month or even last week.  I’ve lost nearly 40 lbs so far!  “So far” – key words!  This journey isn’t over yet!  Stay tuned, I’ll have several pointers, recipes and prepping food plan ideas to share.

Me Before After


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