Canning Corn

When friends show up at your house with 148 ears of corn, you gotta do something with it – so we put it in a jar!


Shuck the corn and remove all the silks.


Wash the corn really good and cut the corn off of the cob.


We found this neat little tool that you use with a drill on Amazon, it worked great, but would make a mess if we didn’t take our time. So we used a combination of this and a Pampered Chef Corn Cutter which worked great!

Turn the oven on 200° and place the jars in the oven.  Start the boiling water to fill the jars and the water for the lids. Pack the raw corn into hot jars, loosely, leaving 1 inch head space.  Add 1/2 teaspoon of canning salt per pint jar.  Fill the jars with boiling water,  leaving 1 inch head space.  Remove all air bubbles.  Wipe down the rims with a sterile cloth and place the lids and rings and tighten. Pressure can pints for 55 mins on 10 lbs of pressure.  Corn, if not processed the recommended time, will ferment in the jars and come unsealed at a later date.  It is important to process the full 55 minutes as directed.


Lesson learned – in the future WIDE MOUTH JARS are a must!  These are delicious, but they’re a BEAST to clean!

One dozen ears of corn yields 3 pints.




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