Canning Cranberry “October” Beans

Some call them Cranberry,  some call them October,  I call them good!!!  When I have a hankering to can and can’t put my hands on something fresh, I head to my local produce stand and grab a few pounds of dry beans. If you’re local, check out B&B Produce on 52, they have a large variety of dry beans!  This makes dinner in the future – quick and painless!

Turn the oven on 200° to get your jars hot. Start a pot of boiling water to add to jars and a pot of water to boil lids.  Rinse the beans really well.

Measure a cup of dry beans per quart jar.  Add one teaspoon canning salt and a small piece of country ham to each quart jar.  I can these in quarts since they’re so similar to pintos and my boys can easily eat a quart at a time.


Fill with boiling water, leaving one inch head space.  Wipe the rims with a sterile cloth, place hot lids and tighten down rings.


Place in pressure canner, put the lid on and wait for it to steam.  Once it begins steaming, let it steam for 10 minutes before putting the weight on it.  Then once the weight begins to jiggle, start the timer for 90 minutes.  (Pints – 1 hour, 15 minutes, Quarts – 1 hour, 30 minutes).

We use 10 lbs of pressure based on our elevation.  Your elevation will determine to weight of pressure that you use. Please refer to Ball guidelines for reference.







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