Freezing Corn – Made EASY!

Some boil it, some “blanch” it, I keep it simple and use a tried and true method that I learned from my grandmother.

Shuck and silk the corn, wash it thoroughly to remove all the silks.


Place the corn in a Freezer Ziploc Bag.  I use gallon size bags and place 5-6 ears of corn in each bag because that is what my family will eat in one sitting.  I have friends that use quart size bags and only 2 ears, whichever you prefer.


Once all the ears are in bags, the fun begins!  I take a straw and literally suck all of the air out of the bags to give it a vacuum seal affect.


Once sealed, I freeze.  When I’m ready to eat, I place the ears in boiling water and boil for 20-30 minutes until done.

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