Ground Steak

Ground Steak truly is a Surry County, NC thing.  When you leave our area and mention Ground Steak, people look at you totally confused.  But in our little town of Mayberry, people line up at the local festivals for it, and you’ll find it on some of the local restaurant menus.  When we owned and operated a restaurant, we had friends and family that would drive 45 minutes to an hour for this stuff.  It’s a ground beef, flour, milk (or water), salt and pepper combination which is delicious on a bun.  So with that being said……it’s time to share the family secret…..


  • Ground Beef
  • Self Rising Flour
  • Milk (or Water)
  • Salt & Pepper to taste….lots of Pepper!

Brown the meat until done, drain grease.  Reduce the heat to low and sprinkle flour on top of the meat and begin stirring.  This is what I call a texture recipe, it has to “feel right” when you stir it to know that you have enough flour to make it stick together.    If it’s not “gooey” add a little bit more flour.  If it sticks to the spoon in a big clump – you’re good.    Continue stirring over low heat.

Don’t fret, you’re about to change the texture yet again with the milk.  Add 1/2 cup of milk, per pound of meat.

Stir and mix until you get this texture.  Add salt and pepper and continue to stir over low heat.  At this point, you’re ready to sample.  If it seems too bland, lay on the pepper!


Add a slice of tomato, some slaw and mayo….enjoy!  Or better yet, forget the bun and eat it by itself!



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