Canning Tomato Juice

Hard work but worth every ounce of effort.  One of my favorites ~ tomato juice!  This is one thing that I craved when I was pregnant and I could drink it straight from the jar.

Wash, quarter and core the tomatoes.


Then we run them thru the juicer – peelings, seeds and all.  This is a family effort at our house.


Once all of the juice is extracted we do run the pulp back through the juicer, grinder or food mill once more for good measure.  After the second run, we heat the juice in a big stainless steel stock pot continuously stirring and skimming off the foam.


Once all of the foam has been removed we being filling sterile jars with juice.  We add 1 teaspoon of canning salt to each jar and give them a stir.


Wipe the rims with a sterile cloth, place the hot lids and rings, tighten the rings and water bath for 40 minutes.


Once you’re ready to open – give it a good shake and ENJOY!   This also makes a great soup base.


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