Collard Greens

I’ve cooked collard greens my whole life, but these are by far my all time favorite. Hold the vinegar until you try these for yourself!   Everyone will want to know your secret!!!


  • 3 bunches of Collard Greens (as they’re sold at supermarket)
  • 6 oz of seasoning chunk ham (1/2 a pack)
  •  2 – 32 oz boxes of reduced sodium chicken broth

Wash the greens really well.  Cut the hearts (center stems) out of the greens and cut/tear them into small pieces.  Cut your ham into small chunks.  Pour chicken broth in a large stock pot and add ham, then bring to a boil.


Once boiling, reduce heat to medium and drop collard greens on top of broth and cover.

Cook until tender and the broth has evaporated.  Would you believe ALL those greens made this one small pot?!  They cook down like you wouldn’t believe!  Of all the things we cooked for dinner, this is the one thing that everyone asked – how did you cook those greens?!?



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