Canning Ground Beef or Venison

When I say I’m canning ground meat, people look at me like I’m crazy….why would I want to can it when it’s “just fine” in the freezer.

Here’s a couple of my reasons:

  1. To free up freezer space
  2. To increase the longevity of the meat. Canned meat lasts years longer than frozen meat
  3. A little work done up front saves a lot of time in the long run
  4. To prevent my meat from ruining in the event of a power outage

Keep in mind, 2 lbs per quart jar, 1 lb per pint.  When I can mine, I like to do at least a canner full, 6 or 7 quarts.  As I’m browning meat, I get a roasting pan ready and store the meat in the oven on warm until it’s all browned.




When canning dry meat, I make sure all the jars are boiled thoroughly.


Fill the jars leaving 1 inch head space.  The meat will draw up during processing.  We are canning this dry, so no liquid will be added.


Pressure can for 90 mins on 10 lbs of pressure.


Now you’ve just saved yourself a lot of time in thawing and cooking ground meat for tacos, spaghetti, ground steak (it’s a Surry County thing) along with many more possibilities.

2 thoughts on “Canning Ground Beef or Venison

  1. Diana June 19, 2022 at 3:00 pm Reply

    I was wondering what the texture is like with canning it dry this way? I canned some by browning it and then adding liquid to the jar and I wasn’t really happy with it. It turned out being more like pottied meat consistency haha.


    • Preserving the Good Life June 24, 2022 at 12:57 pm Reply

      I’ve done that too and the texture is different – you’re right – like potted meat! lol. But this way it’s just like I drained the grease and set it aside.


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