Sunday Fun-day Prep-day

Sunday afternoons are spent in one of my favorite rooms – the kitchen!  The few hours it takes to prep food for the week truly makes healthy eating Monday thru Saturday a breeze.  And since I work 6 days, I prep for 6 days…

Here’s step for step how my afternoon flows:

I start a pot of water boiling to boil 6-12 eggs, 6 if I plan to have one for snack/lunch and 12 if I plan to have 2 for breakfast.  Did you know if you put your cold eggs in boiling water that the shells will literally peel right off when you’re peeling them?  Try it – I promise it’s SO MUCH EASIER!

Collage 2016-05-30 06_45_43

While that water is boiling, I turn the oven on 350° to bake 3-4 sweet potatoes.  Once baked, I refrigerate for the week; these make great side dishes for dinner. As soon as those are in, I start the Mandarin Orange Angel Food Cake  (that recipe can be found under Family Favorite Recipes).


Next, on to the pint size lunch salads, 4-5 grape tomatoes in the bottom of a pint wide mouth mason jar.  Then I pack them full of spinach, sprinkle with feta cheese and top with 4-5 more grape tomatoes.

Collage 2016-05-30 07_00_54

Then we move to the Crustless Mini Quiche, our breakfast for the week, (the recipe can be found under Family Favorite Recipes.).


While the quiche are baking, I pack my carrots/hummus for the week.


Then, I slice/dice/chop vegetables, such as; broccoli, cauliflower, squash and zucchini.  We like to roast, grill or saute a lot of vegetables so this makes for quick and easy dinners!

Last but not least, I make sure I have a weeks worth of apples and grapefruit on hand. I wait and slice my apples and cut my grapefruit the morning I plan to eat them.


Finally….I sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee….meals for the week are prepped and ready to go…..

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